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At Thomas Farms, we are proud to deliver quality halal meat right to your doorstep. Our meat comes expertly packaged and frozen so you can cook it how you like and enjoy the fresh flavor. Whether you want to stock up on meat for several months or you’re preparing a large gathering, let us supply you with meat that’s ethical, rich in flavor, and Halal-certified.

Enjoy Delicious, High-Quality Halal Meat

The team at Thomas Farms believes that to provide the highest quality product, we should be close to it. That’s why our animals are humanely and sustainably raised in the best pasture lands in Australia, and why we only source meat from farmers with the same ethical standards. We are committed to treating our animals with compassion throughout their lives by letting them live in their natural environments with as little stress as possible. 

In this process, everything comes full circle. A live well lived for our animals translates to a better product for you and contributes to a more sustainable future. Browse our website today to find products that include:

  • Grass-Fed Beef
  • Premium Steak Combos
  • Deluxe Lamb Combos
  • Goat Cubes
  • And more!

We are happy to deliver our quality meat products right to your door so you can get cooking. If you need some inspiration to get started, browse our recipes today.


All of our Australian Lamb, Beef and Goat are Halal.

We practice Zabihah Halal. Learn more about Zabihah Halal here.

Making sure everyone has food accessible to their needs is our top priority! We love our Halal customers and want to provide them delicious, Halal meats. We also care deeply about the ethical treatment of our animals, and practicing Halal falls in line with our ethical standards.

Feel free to contact us with any Halal-related questions.