What Makes the Best Mail Order Beef Service?

When it comes to getting high-quality beef, there are more options available than ever before. A convenient method to get beef delivered directly to your door is through a mail order beef service. 

Whether you are looking for unique cuts or want to ensure the beef you are eating is additive-free and ethically raised, there are many benefits to beef delivery. Here, we will discuss considerations for selecting a mail order beef provider, popular mail order meat products, how to store your delivery, and more. 

Understanding Mail Order Beef

Mail order beef refers to purchasing high-quality steaks, roasts, and other cuts of beef online and having them shipped directly to your home. These services have become increasingly popular as more people use online grocery shopping and look to online ordering to find high-quality meats they cannot get locally.

These services offer various products, such as New York strip steak, filet mignon, Australian Japanese Wagyu, USDA Prime, American Wagyu, and Angus beef. The steak quality also varies, with some companies offering naturally raised and grass-fed varieties. When choosing online meat delivery, it's essential to review each company's offerings, sourcing practices, and pricing to ensure the best quality meat.

Advantages of Using a Mail Order Beef Service


One of the main reasons steak lovers turn to online beef delivery is convenience. You can order your favorite cuts from the comfort of your home and have them delivered to your door, saving you a trip to the grocery store or an upscale butcher shop.


Another advantage of mail order steak is the wide range of products available. Online providers often have an extensive selection of meats and cuts, including ribeye steak, New York strip, Japanese or American Wagyu, porterhouse steak, and flank steak. By ordering online, you have access to cuts and varieties that may not be available locally.


Quality is another significant factor when choosing mail order steak. Since companies like Thomas Farms specialize in sourcing and delivering high-quality meats, you'll receive a higher caliber of meat than you may find at your local grocery store or butcher. Many online providers offer grass-fed and humanely raised options, ensuring you receive ethically sourced meat.

Key Considerations for Selecting a Mail Order Beef Supplier

When it comes to choosing mail order steak, there are several important factors to consider before making your purchase. 

Importance of Proper Packaging and Shipping

Proper packaging and shipping play a crucial role in mail order steak services. No matter where you're buying from, the packaging should keep the meat at a safe temperature during transit to your home.

Additive-Free Beef

Opting for all-natural, additive-free beef is essential when choosing mail order steaks. Look for suppliers who prioritize grass-fed and pasture-raised beef. They practice sustainable farming methods, resulting in better-quality steak with no added hormones, antibiotics, or artificial substances.

Portion Sizes and Package Quantities

Depending on your needs, consider the portion sizes and package quantities available from mail order steak providers. Suppliers often offer a variety of options, such as individual cuts, combo packs, or even subscription services that allow you to receive your favorite cuts of beef on a regular basis. Knowing the types and quantities of steaks you plan to order will help you make informed decisions about which supplier to choose.

Evaluating Farms and Suppliers

Doing adequate research on farms and suppliers will help you choose the best mail order steaks. You can explore their websites and read customer reviews to get a sense of their commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer service. Some suppliers provide detailed information on the farms they partner with, giving you direct insight into where your beef is sourced from.

Value for Money

When buying mail order steak, it is essential to consider the value for money. The price should be well-balanced in terms of the quality of the meat, quantity you receive, and the brand reputation. Look for beef delivery companies that offer a variety of delicious options with competitive pricing. 

Popular Mail Order Beef Products

Online beef delivery services put a wide variety of cuts and specialized products at your fingertips. Let's explore some popular choices among steak enthusiasts.

Cuts of Beef Available for Mail Order

Whether you're a fan of Porterhouse Steak, Filet Mignon, or Top Sirloin, there is a broad range of cuts available for mail order steaks. Here is a list of popular cuts you can order online from renowned suppliers:

  • Ribeye Steak
  • New York Strip Steak
  • Filet Mignon
  • Top Sirloin
  • Porterhouse Steak
  • Flank Steak
  • Prime Rib

Specialized Beef Products for Specific Dietary Needs

In addition to traditional cuts, beef delivery companies also cater to customers with specific dietary needs. From aged steaks for those who enjoy a bold, intense flavor, to naturally raised meats for health-conscious individuals, here are some specialized offerings available through mail order steak suppliers:

  • Angus Beef
  • Dry Aged Steaks
  • Japanese Wagyu
  • Grass-Fed Beef
  • Halal Certified Beef
  • Organic Beef

Preparing and Storing Mail Order Beef

These days, many consumers are turning to online beef delivery for the convenience and quality it offers. Whether you're craving a NY strip steak, filet mignon, or Wagyu beef, you can have your favorite cuts shipped directly to you. But how do you properly prepare and store your mail order steaks to ensure they remain fresh and tasty?

Proper Storage for Mail Order Beef Products

Properly storing your beef is crucial to maintaining its quality and freshness. When you receive your order, check if the steak is still frozen. This is usually the case, as most trusted steak delivery services use dry ice or gel packs to keep products at the right temperature during shipping.

Upon arrival, place your mail order steaks in the refrigerator or freezer as soon as possible to slow down the aging process. If you plan to consume the meat within a few days, refrigeration is sufficient. However, for longer storage periods, freezing is highly recommended.

When freezing your steaks, it's best to use a vacuum sealer to remove the air around the meat and keep it fresh. If you don't have a vacuum sealer, tightly wrap the steak in plastic wrap or aluminum foil to minimize air exposure. Lastly, label the packaging with the date and cut of meat for easy reference in the future.

Tips on Cooking Your Mail Order Beef

Want to make the most of your delicious mail order steak? Follow these tips to ensure perfect results:

  1. Thaw your steak: If you've stored your steak in the freezer, thaw it properly before cooking. Transfer the frozen cuts to the refrigerator and allow them to defrost for at least 24 hours. For quicker thawing, submerge the sealed steaks in cold water and change the water every 30 minutes until fully thawed.
  2. Bring your steak to room temperature: Remove the meat from the refrigerator about an hour before cooking to allow it to come to room temperature. This will help ensure even cooking and optimal tenderness.
  3. Season generously: Don't be afraid to generously season your steak with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. High-quality cuts like Japanese Wagyu, Kobe beef, or prime rib taste even better with the right seasoning.
  4. Choose the right cooking method: Mail order steaks come in a range of cuts and types, such as naturally raised, dry aged, and grass-fed beef. It's essential to choose the right cooking method for your specific steak. Grilling, pan-searing, and using an offset smoker are all excellent options, whether you're cooking a Wagyu beef flank steak or a top sirloin.
  5. Check for doneness with a meat thermometer: Use a meat thermometer to ensure your steak has reached your desired level of perfection. Insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the steak and aim for the following internal temperatures: 120-130°F for rare, 130-135°F for medium-rare, 140-145°F for medium, 150-155°F for medium-well, and 160-165°F for well-done.
  6. Allow your steak to rest: Once your steak has reached the desired temperature, remove it from the heat and let it rest for 5-10 minutes. This allows the juices to redistribute, resulting in a more tender and flavorful steak.

Shelf Life and Freezing Mail Order Steak

It's vital to understand the shelf life and freezing guidelines for your mail order meat to ensure you enjoy the best-tasting steak possible. Here's what you need to know:

  • Refrigerated shelf life: When stored properly in the refrigerator, most steaks can last for 3-5 days. However, check with the specific company you ordered from, as they may have different guidelines for their high-quality cuts.
  • Freezing mail order steak: As mentioned, if you don't plan to consume your steaks within a few days, it's best to store them in the freezer. Properly wrapped and stored mail order steaks can last 6-12 months in the freezer without significant loss of quality.

Get Your Mail Order Beef From Thomas Farms

With so many mail order steak options out there, why should you choose Thomas Farms for your home-delivered beef experience? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Quality: We pride ourselves on offering only the finest cuts of meat. From NY Strip to perfectly marbled cuts of ribeye, our premium beef options are sure to please even the most discerning palates.
  • Variety: Our vast selection includes everything from filet mignons to organic grass-fed ground beef for the perfect burger or meatloaf. There's something for every meat lover in our shop.
  • Convenience: We deliver delicious, all-natural meats directly to your door. Our products are carefully packaged, and we use dry ice to maintain their fresh taste.
  • Ethics: We are committed to humane and ethical practices when raising our livestock. These practices help to ensure that the beef they produce is of the highest quality and that the animals are treated with respect.

Ready to experience the amazing taste and convenience of online beef delivery from Thomas Farms? Browse our selection today, and get ready for the ultimate at-home steak experience.

FAQs About Mail Order Beef

There are several factors to consider when choosing a mail order steak service. Start by researching the companies that offer the types and cuts of beef you're interested in. Consider the selection and quality of their products. Additionally, verify if their products are raised ethically and sustainably sourced.

Mail order steaks come in various cuts, ranging from classics like filet mignon, NY strip steak, ribeye steak, and porterhouse steak to less traditional options like flank steak. Many steak delivery services offer a full range of cuts to accommodate different preferences.

Mail order steak companies use a variety of methods to ensure your steaks arrive fresh and ready to cook. Some use vacuum sealing and flash-freezing techniques to lock in flavor and preserve the quality of the meat. The steaks are then packed in insulated shipping containers with dry ice or gel packs to maintain appropriate temperatures during transit. Most mail-order steaks arrive frozen, so it is essential to properly thaw them before cooking or grilling.

Once your mail order steaks have been thawed, there are several methods to cook them to perfection. The most popular methods are searing on a cast-iron skillet or grilling on an offset smoker. Experiment with different cooking techniques to find the one that suits your preferences and brings out the delicious flavors of your ribeye, porterhouse, or NY strip. Remember to let the steak rest for a few minutes before cutting into it, to ensure it remains juicy and tender.

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