Our Halal Products

We love our Halal Customers! Check out our selection of 100% Halal Products, and learn more below about our Halal process.


Shop exclusively Halal Online

All of our products on thomasfarms.com
are officially certified Zabiha Halal


Shop Halal Products In-Store

We sell a variety of Halal and Non-Halal products in
stores - make sure to look for the Halal logo

What type of Halal are your products?

All of our Halal products - beef, lamb, goat and more - are certified Zabiha Halal.
To learn more about Zabiha Halal, click here

Why are your products Halal?

There is a large Halal population in the US! We feel that it is our job to not only provide Halal food in stores, but to ship our products to Halal consumers who can’t find Halal meats in their local stores.

Are all of the items on your website Halal?

All of our online products are indeed Halal, regardless of the Halal label existing on the delivered package. There’s a detailed explanation as to why, so please feel free to contact us!

Can I find your Halal
products in-stores?

You can! We sell our Halal products to a variety of stores. Feel free to contact us to find out where you can purchase our delicious Halal meats.

Anything we didn’t cover? Contact us with any and all questions about our Halal products